Hello, and welcome to the Horn clan we live  on the Berea, Durban. We have a very busy family with two young boys Nicholas who has Down syndrome age 5 years and Ethan his side kick and younger brother age 4 years.  Lara is the boys older half sister who pops in occasionally to visit. Then there is myself Kelly the mom, wife, transporter, multi-tasker etc etc and the list goes on…My husband Janus is the rock in our family and the person who drives us all to be the best that we can be as Individuals.

 When did you become a mom for the first time?

One rainy, misty afternoon while resting on the bed in a chalet at Drakensberg Gardens, Southern Berg, I was halfway through my pregnancy with Nicholas when I felt him move inside me for the very first time. That feeling of life brings upon responsibility for the child you soon to have.

 When did you find out your child’s diagnosis?

When Nicholas was born he was put into NICU. On our one week follow up gynaecologist appointment after the birth, the gynaecologist mentioned to my husband and I that our son may have mosaic down syndrome and was referring us to a different paediatrician.

 What is the hardest part about being a mom of a child born with Down Syndrome?

Observing the ignorance of society about people with down syndrome. Then seeing how your child is rejected in their right to education, inclusion and acceptance in society.

 What do you do just for you?

Next question…..LOL… I’ve just started again making time to run about four times a week.  It helps clear my head and forget about life for an hour.

 Favorite guilty pleasure?

 Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!!!

 If you had to pick the soundtrack for your life what would it be?

 Better Place by Rachel Platten

 What is the kindest thing that someone has ever done for you?

 I was sick in bed with the flu, man down! Which is normally unheard of for me or most mothers at that. A friend of mine sent me flowers with the most beautiful hand written note. Telling me what a fantastic mom I am to my kids and friend I am to her. I still have that note that I read on those tough days life throws my way.

 What does Down Syndrome Awareness Month mean to you?

 A chance to celebrate and be proud of who Nicholas is, by educating society about people with Down syndrome.

If you could change one thing in the world to make it an easier and better place for your child, what would it be?

 Society’s inclusion for people with down syndrome.


  • Julia davey

    Wonderful story,heartbreakingly beautiful,I read your post with my husband Roland Davey who played tennis withmJanis,we loved your St Andrews posts as well,we notice how Janis does so much for society,you r a lovely family a credit to our nation

  • Darryn Bamber

    Congratulations on peeling back the ignorance of society and helping humans to be more humane. A wonderful write up and blog, please keep it up for it inspires so many.
    Darryn Bamber, Australia, now inspired to help.

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