Who makes up your family?

My husband Sean, daughter Riley & another baby girl on the way! OH- And our fur child Luna.

Describe yourself in three words?

Caring, Reliable, Dreamer.

Tell us about your brand?

Sibindi is the Xhosa word for courageous, which is the meaning of our daughter Riley’s name.

It is bespoke apparel for kids that is original and unique – we only make a few garments in each fabric.

All garments are hand made by support small independent businesses. One of the seamstresses we use rents a small corner in a laundromat. She works 7 days a week to support her family. Unfortunately, I can’t sew (yet) so these lovely ladies turn my dreams into a reality.  

Tell us about the inspiration behind your brand?

My daughter Riley. Growing up I found it harder to buy her clothes in the fabric, colors and styles that I like.

I found a few stockists of clothes I liked were overseas brands and I feel strongly about supporting local.

One Sunday a lady at our church spoke about ladies in the local township and how sewing and embroidery gave them meaning and a haven.

I’ve been wanting to do women empowerment for years – but didn’t know where to start. The search for pretty clothes- and the story of these women came together and formed Sibindi!

The biggest lesson you have learnt being a “momtrepreneur”?

Find the right balance! It is important to allow yourself to live out your dreams, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your family.

Why should one support local?

By supporting local you are supporting someone in your community. It creates jobs, links neighbours.

Together we CAN make a difference (sounds cliché but I truly believe it)

What inspires you to get up each morning?

My family

If you could change one thing in the world for your children what would it be?

End all violence.

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