This is our new tribe.

A collection of families all different and yet all on a similar journey.

A group of strong women, a group of strong men and a group of people full of tenderness, passion and above all a deep love for their children.

We are a group of normal people, all thrust on to a path which we never expected to be on, and a path which we are all learning about, embracing and attempting to come to terms with. A path although unexpected has become our new normal and a path which has brought us together.

Once every two months, a group of us try and get together. These get together’s are inspiring, relaxed and a safe place in which we can chat to people who just get it, this path that we are all on.

This past Saturday seven such families got together at the Pietermaritzburg Model Engineering Society who had so generously opened their beautiful model train facility up to us for the morning.

We had a beautiful morning catching up, chatting over picnics and watching our children, each with their own unique personalities, interacting and enjoying the train rides.

I came away from the morning with a renewed focus, a renewed sense of belonging and a renewed sense of pride for my family and the community into which we have been welcomed. I want more families in our area to feel this too.

Are you a Mom/Dad/Guardian with a family member born with Down Syndrome? We would love to hear from you and have you attend on of our get together’s, I can promise that you will come away feeling less alone.


  • Jane

    Ah Jess! I absolutely love this!! Thank you for always being so positive and inspiring us. You are such an example of an awesome mommy. It’s such a privilege belonging to homeieswithextrachromies xxx

    • learningfromluke

      Thank you for your kind words Jane! We are so lucky to be a part of this incredible community.

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