Who makes up your family?

I’m married to my best friend Philip, we have 2 beautiful children, Addison and Max

Describe yourself in three words?

Passionate, Fierce, Deeply Caring

Tell us about you brand?

La Fede is a brand for the dreamer, the adventurer, the collector and the playful family. Exploring creativity and imagination, integrating minimal- and contemporary design elements. Our design philosophy is to create unique, timeless soft toy characters and Interior Objects, with personalities, for young and old.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your brand?

Forever a dreamer, I embarked on this journey almost 5 years ago. Whist having a scattered direction at first, my passion for creating objects that aid in imaginative play and thinking quickly streamlined into what you see today. I’m inspired by out of the box thinking, my children, people I meet, situations I face. 

The biggest lesson you have learnt being a “momtrepreneur”?

Community over Competition. And appreciate those around you

Why should one support local?

I’m a huge promoter of design and creativity whether local or international. I appreciate the skill and time that goes into creating something that isn’t mainstream. That being said, I do support local design and will always push boundaries for that to be celebrated. There’s huge benefit for our local community by supporting local. Skills that would otherwise be lost, are honed and cultivated.

What inspires you to get up each morning?

My Family, My Church

If you could change one thing in the world for your children what would it be?

I’d love a world with less brokenness

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