Who makes up your family?

Mama bear, Papa bear, and two baby grizzly bears.

Describe yourself in three words?

I am passionate, and driven, and I’m also a sloth. Basically I’m an enigma that I’m still trying to solve.

Tell us about you brand?

“Mums & cubs” is a playgroup that specialises in messy play. We know that children learn through play. Our aim is to provide your child with the perfect environment to experience messy play and explore their senses. We provide toddlers with an opportunity to meet and socialise with each other. We try to invite children to explore their senses through messy play.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your brand?

I own and run a toddler playgroup, and Sticky Fingers is the “love child” of my day job. I spend all of my free time dreaming up new and exciting ways to make sensory play fun. Once my own recipe file was bursting, it seemed selfish to not make those recipes accessible.

The biggest lesson you have learnt being a “momtrepreneur”?

Being a “momtrepreneur” requires better balance than an acrobat. I’ve learnt to diarise all important dates, and to actually make time in the day to check that diary! Also, try to schedule a little bit of me time everyday, even if it’s just time to eat a chocolate bar while you’re waiting in the school parking lot.

Why should one support local?

When you support local, you are giving back to your very own community. Which is kind of like paying yourself.

What inspires you to get up each morning?

Knowing that what I’m doing makes a difference, really inspires me. It drives me to always try to better my product, and ensure that I give my all.

If you could change one thing in the world for your children what would it be?

I would change the way our local crime stats have changed the way I choose to parent. I wish I didn’t have to teach my kids what to in the event of a hijacking, home invasion, or abduction.


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