Dearest Holly 

I can’t quite believe that today you are one.

I cannot believe that we have had a whole year to get to know you, to figure out our way as parents of two, and to fall in love with a little girl.

If I am completely honest with you I was petrified to become a mum of a daughter, for some unknown reason I always saw myself as a mum of boys. 

On the 8th of January 2018 when you entered the world, you were all that we needed and so much more. 

You have taught us so much this year. At times it has been tough, but more than that it has been euphoric.

Your feistiness has tested us all and yet it is the trait of yours that I am most proud of.

My prayer is that you do not lose your liveliness. 

It is that very determination and courage that I know will stand you in good stead for whatever path you choose and for whatever life throws your way.

I pray that you never allow another to take it away from you, I promise that I will always encourage, nurture and fuel your fiery spirit.

The friendship and love that has developed between you and your big brother has been an honor to witness. 

I pray that this bond continues to strengthen and grow and I promise to always nurture and emphasize the importance of this sibling bond. 

I am sorry for the times when we may have to put more time, effort and patience into your brother and his needs. I am sorry that you may have to stand up for him and his diagnosis and I am sorry that you will have people question him and because he is part of you, by proxy question you.

I am not sorry however that you have a sibling with extra needs. I am not sorry about the incredible and unique bond that you two already have. I am not sorry that you will have to be tough, that you will have to educate and that you will be exposed to a whole world of differences. I know that you will embrace our world, that you will fight for what you believe in and that you will be a kinder, more rounded and more aware person as a result. More than anything I am not sorry that you and Luke have each other, you are both exactly who you are meant to be, and we could not be prouder of the both of you.

Holly Rose it has been an absolute delight watching you grow into the beautiful, strong willed and yet gentle little girl that you are. 

Your infectious laugh, your beautiful blue eyes that giveaway your every emotion and your bubbly personality are just a small part of why we adore you. 

May you always know your worth, May you continue to grow and flourish with the knowledge that you are strong, that that you are beautiful and that your life will be full of profound purpose. 

May you always know how much we love you. May you always know how proud we are of you and may you always fight to make this world a better, kinder and more accepting place. 

Happy birthday our sweet girl 



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