Who makes up your family?
Our family is made up of myself (karin), my husband jeff and our three beautiful children Finn, harper and rory.
Rorys diagnosis. 
This was quite possible the most painful yet prevalent moment of my life. I opted not to have any testing during my pregancy to rule out any medical issues. Reason being was the answer to the tests didnt matter and would not change the outcome, that being said no one ever expects not to have a healthy child but i stand firm in my choice that no matter healthy or not my child would be kept and loved. My ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy all came back normal so we have no reason to believe that anything was abnormal. Rory made his entrance into the world on his due date and our physician and nurses congratulated us and went on their way. Never a word spoken about down syndrome. It wasnt until seven days later at his newborn appointment with his pediatrician that i first heard the words down syndrome. It was a moment i will never forget. My world was changed forever and my heart broke into a million pieces. I was so fortunate to have a pediatrician who is beyond kind and empathic. Despite her kindess i was still devastated and left her office a completely different person from when i walked in.
What moments do i find tough?
The simple moments. Things like Being at a park and seeing other children and cant help but feel sad about how different life is for Rory. Knowing it may be years before i ever will hear him walk up and be able to speak the word mommy clear and with purpose. The little things in life that come so hard for Rory seem to hurt my heart the most.
What moments do i find euphoric?
Watching Rory interact joyfully with my other children and completely forgetting Down Syndrome even exists.
What would i tell my pre mom self?
Ah. This question. This is something i think about often. If i could just go back, what would i do differently. I would tell my pre mom self that no tears need to be shed. That this journey (althought at times difficult) will be the most joyous, soul lifting experience to ever happen to you. You are lucky. You will experience a love not many people will ever get a chance to see.
What do i want the world to know or understand?
Rory is not defined by Down Syndrome, It is merely a small fraction of what makes him unique and special. He is worthy.
Advice to new families?
Don’t despair. Embrace the gift you have been given and get ready to fall in love deeper than you ever imagined.

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