Dearest Luke

What a year it has been. A year which has seen a massive shift in the political landscape of our country, where South Africans hearts have been filled with hope, a year in which Steinhoff, Oakbay and KPMG were taken to task, and a year in which Prince Harry finally grazed his knee. 

For you this year has meant incredible milestones have been accomplished. 

You have learned to sign. Our efforts in practicing Makaton signing have paid off and seeing you sign please, thank you, sorry, bed and bird have filled our hearts with joy and have proven beyond measure just how bright you are. 

You have learnt to walk unaided. It may have taken some time and it may have resulted in more than a few bruises and bloodied lips but my goodness me your sheer determination has made this huge milestone that much sweeter. 

With the arrival of your beautiful little sister and a handsome new cousin you have learnt to share. You have learnt to be gentle and kind and you have learnt to have a whole lot of patience in those testing early months of colic. You have transitioned into your new role with ease. We know that this transition can’t have been easy on you and we are so grateful for your willingness to adapt and your laid back manner. Thank you for being patient with us as parents as we have navigated the new waters of being a family of four. Thank you for the hugs and sloppy kisses when there have been tears, of which there were many. 

The start of your schooling career has brought immense pride to us as parents. The fact that you started a daunting new adventure in the same week as gaining a sibling could have brought you distress and fear. Once again however you floored us with your resilience. You took it all in your stride and apart from a few early bottom lip trembles, you bravely and seamlessly embraced your new surroundings.

Thank you for making it easier for us to leave you everyday. Seeing you so happy in your school surroundings, with your little friends and your teachers, made our decision to send you to school at this age that much easier for us.

Thank you for continuing to change our lives. Thank you for continuing to push us to face our fears, to open our eyes and to open our minds. 

Thank you for continuing to show us the meaning of true, blinding, all consuming love. 

May you continue to change perceptions, may you continue to shatter stereotypes and may you continue spread kindness, joy and above all else love,wherever you go. 

Thank you for being exactly who you are. You are more than we could ever have wished for and then some more.

We love you endlessly. Happy 2nd Birthday our big boy. 



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