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Dearest Luke

Today, a whole year ago I was in labour with you. Today one year ago I was so scared of the future. I was petrified that I wouldn’t be able to love you enough. I was terrified of the unknown and I was frightened of bringing you into this cruel and harsh world.

How young, naive and silly I was. From the moment that you entered this world, you changed our lives in a million more ways than we could have imagined. You have caused me to love you so much that I often feel like my heart will explode.

I have never been more proud. I have never been more happy, and I have never been more content. You have made me a better person. You have made me a person who will fight for you, who will be your advocate, no matter what.

You have opened my eyes up to a whole new world. A world which I was once so apprehensive of and now marvel at with an intense sense of pride and awe.

Our hope for you, as your parents, is that as you continue to grow you will know exactly how loved you are, we promise to try and show you each and every day just how much.

We hope that you know just how much joy you bring into our lives. We promise to continue to nurture your joyful spirit.

Our wish is that you continue to touch the lives of so many people and that those people are privileged enough to experience your pureness of spirit first hand. We also promise to remind you of how many people have shaped, moulded and loved you.

Our wish is that you never lose your determined nature. We promise to always be gently encouraging and to celebrate each milestone and achievement with elation.

We cannot promise that we will always be able to protect you from the ugliness in the world, but we do promise that we will do our utter best to show you the beauty of it. We will endeavor to educate as many people as we can so that they too see only the beauty.

Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that by choosing you, in that cold, clinical, specialists office was the best decision that we have ever made.

Happy birthday our darling froggie, we our so proud of you our darling boy.


Jon and Luke 6





    Happy birthday Luke we celebrate with you, Jess and Jon – such a dear little guy ! All love Lewis family in UK

  • Tash

    My 2yr old son woke at 4.30 this morning for his bottle… I’m 35 weeks pregnant with our second.

    I was awake so strolled through IG as you do and then came across your profile and ended up reading your entire blog!!!
    There were moments of tears streaming down my face, then massive smile and just such overwhelming joy, love and hope.

    Your son Luke, is just too gorgeous for words and that beautiful smile and laugh is edible!!

    Thank you for giving me something so positive to read- such an amazing way to start my day.

    You are an inspirational mummy!!!
    I loved reading every post and your honesty and outlook.

    Have a great weekend with your beautiful family! I hope yo meet little Luke one day and get a good groggy snuggle

    Happy one year little Luke !!!!!


  • Bryony Sykes

    Our precious sons have brought enlightenment to so many……their beautiful spirits changed our perspectives on what is important. Our very special Angels – will touch many lives. We have walked your
    God Bless you both and your very special little boy.
    With love from
    Bryony Sykes.

  • Tendai Mlenga-Dhliwayo

    Jess I’m so happy for you and your family,May Luke continue to teach you and us too,may the Lord’s light continue to shine upon you,hubby and Luke….. thank you

  • Vanessa

    Hi Jess, wow what a beautiful letter to Luke. Happy Birthday Luke. You are an angel and a gift from God to your parents. God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb and He has a definite plan and purpose for your life. You are too gorgeous, little angel. The Lord hand picked your parents and I know that He knew you would be surrounded by so much love. God is truly amazing. God bless you guys.

    Jess you are an amazing person inside and out.
    Lots of love

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