Processed with Snapseed.Every now and again you come across people who literally blow you away with their passion, their dedication and their drive. Sandy and Liza are two of those people.

The Seal Academy was born out of a desire to create a safe, expressive and creative environment for children born with Down Syndrome. With Liza’s first hand experience of parenting a child born with Down Syndrome and her need for an environment that would encourage creative learning opportunities and Sandy’s 25 years of experience in both mainstream and special needs education, the dream has become a reality.

As the mother of a child born with Down Syndrome, I cannot explain how much the Seal Academy excites me. Our country is literally crying out for Down Syndrome focused learning centers and we are counting our blessings to have the SEAL academy right on our door step.

To Sandy and Liza, we wish you all of the very best in this exciting, incredible and life changing endeavor. We cannot wait to see it grow from strength to strength and to see the impact that it will have not only on a select few lives, but on the Durban community as a whole.

For more information for enrollment or if you would like to become involved please check out the link below.


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  • Tendai Mlenga-Dhliwayo

    Hi am I glad I got hold of a living and loving April issue and I saw your story.im 33 and gave birth to be a baby with T21 in January.lots of things went through our minds but ultimately he is the best thing that has happened to us we love him to bits.we have a story to tell.He is a true blessing and testament.
    We are looking for platforms to help give him the best chance in life,so thank you.

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