New Beginnings

2016 was a rather bittersweet year.

It started off with a bang at the end of Jan when we received Luke’s diagnosis and at that stage it felt that our world was crumbling.

We lost some incredible family and friends during the year and many close friends received earth shattering and often devastating news.

Political shifts across the globe were ground breaking and polarizing. Divisions, unrest and discord were heightened and it often felt like the world had quite literally gone mad.

There were however some incredible moments. Those small beacons of hope that challenged the madness.

Good friends finding out they were pregnant after countless rounds of IVF. Finding out that Luke would be getting a little cousin.
Marriages, proposals, puppies finding homes and major milestones being celebrated.
New life, so many babies and blessings.
It certainly wasn’t all bad.

On a personal level the birth of our precious son brought more joy, more love and more hope than we could ever have imagined. The light that he has brought into the world has outshone a lot of the negativity and has reaffirmed to us that good does actually exist.

So 2017, you have some big boots to fill. You also have some pretty darn tough people to contend with.

We are ready for you and I feel it deep inside of my bones that it’s going to be the best one yet filled with love and hope, kindness and tolerance, unfounded joy, health and new life.

Wishing you and your loved ones a magical 2017 💙

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  • Sharon Ingles

    Oh my word Jess! How beautifully written and with so much love and wisdom. I am in awe! To see the world through your, Jon’s and Luke’s eyes is humbling and a privilege. Sending much love to you all. Sharon.

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