8 Months, 8 Milestones

So today the little froggie turns 8 months old and I can’t quite believe it. Firstly I can’t quite believe that he is already 8 months and secondly I cannot fathom that he has only been in our lives for 8 short months.

So in celebration thereof and the fact that he has changed our lives in a million ways and continues to amaze us with his strength, determination and courage, I have put together 8 milestones that he has nailed.

1. Smiling – This is something that the frog is not scared of doing. He is never shy of dishing out a big gummy smile and the ones after a good nights sleep are always the best and always in abundance.


2. Rolling – Luke rolled over for the first time at 4 months and since that first roll he has perfected the roll from back to tummy and back to tummy again.



3. Eating solids – for a baby that started off underweight, the frog has certainly quickly caught up with his love of food. From brown rice cereal and banana at breakfast to veggies and protein for lunch and dinner, this little guy has an appetite that would put someone at a hot dog eating competition to shame. At the go ahead from our paed we started Luke on solids from 4 months.


4. Laughing – kissing his neck and tickling under his arms produces the most infectious, goose bump producing laughs.

5. Baby babbling – suddenly the frog has got VERY loud. From gurgling to babbling to now full on shouting, Luke certainly has found his voice and is not afraid to use it.


6. Grasping – from bottles to books, toys to bibs Luke loves to grasp and hold, pull and pinch. His little hands have suddenly become strong and they often reach out to things that they shouldn’t be reaching out to (cellphones, TV remotes, hot coffee and Derek the cats tail to name but a few).


7. Pulling to stand up – Luke certainly has inherited his mama’s strong legs. He has figured out that pulling himself up on our hands pulls him into the standing position and those chubby little thighs can hold him for a number of minutes. Once this is achieved it is almost always accompanied by one of those ear to ear grins.


8. Sitting – this was a big one for us. Luke was starting to get very frustrated either lying on his back or on his tummy. Sitting up has meant that he now has a different view but more importantly it means that his core has grown strong enough to support his entire upper body. And let’s be honest when you have a belly as he does this is no mean feat.


Luke has absolutely blown every expectation of ours out of the water by meeting all of these milestones. We know Luke may slow in his hitting of milestones as he develops further, he may not. Regardless we will continue to be gently encouraging, quietly determined and steadfast in keeping our expectations of our little boy sky high.


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