6 Months, 6 Lessons.

On the 5th of November our darling little tree frog turned 6 months old.

In celebration thereof (and the fact that we have survived!) I have decided to put together 6 key lessons that we have learnt along the way thus far.


If there is one thing that no one told me before having a baby it is that you can’t just “pop” anywhere. There is no such thing as just “popping” to the shops, or “popping” in for a glass of wine. No one warned me about the exact level of preparation that goes into a simple outing. The amount of patience that is required whilst waiting for a small babe to finish their bottle, knowing that you have to be somewhere, would give Mother Theresa a run for her money. As a result of Luke’s low muscle tone, he is a VERY slow drinker. He loves to take his time whilst drinking, often getting distracted by his little hands, noises and lights around him. Luke has taught us to be patient. That he will eventually finish his bottle, it may just take a little more time.


Wake every morning with a smile. 

When Luke wakes in the morning it is never with a cry. We can hear him chattering away on the monitor to himself as if having a conversation with the birds outside his nursery window. When he see’s our faces above his cot, the smile that we are greeted with could light up a whole city. He greets us as if he hasn’t seen us in weeks. It is as if he is so excited that it is a new day, it is as if he is so grateful to be here, to be present and to be alive.



This is the biggie. Because of Luke we have met the most incredible people. In addition to this, people that are relative strangers have quite literally blown us away by their kind words and actions. The kindness that we have felt from so many people is incredible. The kindness that we have felt from our families is incredible. Luke has taught us that each and every person is fighting some kind of battle and as a result being kind to one another is the only way


The satisfaction of a bowel movement 

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this point. Let’s just say Luke is pretty stoked when he has soiled his nappy. If he could I believe he would give himself a high five.


The Importance of Trust

A small child places every ounce of trust in their parents. They trust us to protect them, to feed and clean them, to comfort and love them. We in turn often have to place our trust in others with this burden and privilege. I have learnt to trust my gut, to trust my instinct and to trust wholeheartedly those people who love Luke as much as we do.



Although this goes without saying, the exact deepness of this love has been all encompassing and the fierceness of which I was not quite prepared for. We have experienced pure, unconditional love. The kind of love that frightens you, in a good way.



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