• Claire Barlow

    Hello Jess and Jon. Thank you for sharing your surprise journey with us. I say surprise because you did not even have a clue what was in this box. Your gift was beautifully wrapped by God and given to both of you. God choses parents to raise his children. Luke is a very special and precious gift from God and God chose you guys because you have all the important qualities that Luke needs. You must of heard this word during your journey. “God will never give you anything you cannot handle” and its only when you are directly affected is when you discover the power in agreement, unity and together how strong you are both. I applaud you for accepting Luke and loving him even before he was born. I am so so so very excited for both of you and wish that I was your child, to go on plane rides and run with Jess – heeeeee – No! because you have so much to give, you guys have such cool characters and I Salute your parents who laid solid foundations in your life. Please know that I am praying for you and think of you all the time. Again I say am very grateful that I know two No three Roberts members, I am blessed Hey! Enjoy and in all things put God in the center. Lots of love C.Barlow

  • Lynne

    Wow !you are so brave sensible and loving all in two wonderful parents .I am thrilled to know you and hear your story .What you are saying is relevant and helpful to so many future parents .keep writing keep reflecting on how Luke is changing your lives . Parents I know who have Down’s syndrome children all agree these children teach them so much… I will read and saver all you write and continue to learn from your experiences …lots of love

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