The LFLS was born out of a strong 3 aspect desire. A desire that has been on my heart for some time now and has finally come to fruition.

The first desire was to set up a small business that can one day be passed onto Luke, or Holly or indeed the both of them. It is no secret that finding employment for people with special needs even in this day and age is an ongoing struggle.
The burning desire to create something meaningful, unique and indeed long lasting for Luke is perhaps one of the strongest motivators for the LFLS. I have no doubt that Luke’s eye for style, his creativity and his sense of humor will translate beautifully one day into his own curated products.

The second desire was to in some way give back to the community in which Luke has been born into, a community which like any NGO is dependent on financial backing to ensure the correct support, the right training and research is available for our family members born with Down Syndrome. A portion of each sale on the LFLS will therefore be donated to Down Syndrome South Africa (DSSA) to ensure that these projects are able to continue.

The third and final desire was born out of witnessing incredible women, balance life, from motherhood to business and everything else in between and create beautiful brands in the process. It is these woman that will be a mirror for our own daughters, by showing them how to be brave, fearless and strong.

Coming from a retail background and having been at the center of the fashion pulse, I have loved carefully curating products that I have used, loved and trust. I hope that by bringing them all onto one easy platform that you will be able to do the same.