Learning from Luke is a platform to drive awareness, a space to promote diversity and inclusion, and a safe space to showcase, through real life stories, how beautiful life really is, with a child with Down Syndrome in it.

When we found out that our unborn child would be born with Down Syndrome, we felt like our life as we knew it was over. And in a sense it was. What we didn’t comprehend at the time, however, was that this mourning of life as we expected it to be, was making room for something so bright, that we would at times feel overwhelmed by its intensity.

Whilst this page is primarily dedicated to changing perceptions, it is also a tool to document our life, the good parts and the bad, to showcase many incredible brands that we have had the privilege to work with, and to highlight the stories of those who have walked, or are walking this path beside us.

We hope that this page brings enlightenment, that it brings hope and that it highlights our deep seated belief that everyone has value and a place in our society.